Genome Sequencing

Sequencing a person’s genome can identify susceptibility to various diseases, aid in early disease diagnosis, and enable precision medicine - personalization of therapy based on individual specific genomic biomarkers.

INanoBio is developing an advanced 3D nanopore – transistor device for sequencing the whole human genome with high accuracy, at one-tenth the current cost and time. Based on CMOS semiconductor nanotechnology, it will be over 100 times faster than protein nanopore based sequencers.

INanoBio’s sequencer will enable sequencing genomes of whole populations across the world.

Cancer Diagnostics

Detecting diseases in early stages dramatically improves therapeutic outcomes. In Cancer, average 5 year survival rate is close to 90% when diagnosed at stage 1, and stands at less than 25% when diagnosed at stage 4. In contrast, cost of therapy when diagnosed post metastasis is approximately 2.5 times that when diagnosed at early stages.

INanoBio is developing advanced nano-biotechnology tools that enable discovering of disease specific molecular biomarkers and detecting them in blood with ultra-high sensitivity. We are developing simple blood tests to detect cancers early, obviating the need for biopsy.



INanoBio awarded up to $5.4 Million to develop an Epigenetic Sequencer under the DARPA ECHO Program.

INanoBio Expands Board

Dr. Abhay Sanan and JP Million join INanoBio Board of Directors as part of 2018 Series […]


INanoBio awarded $0.7 M grant by National Institute of Health (NIH) to develop an advanced automated […]

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Director of Device Development

Job Type: Full-time Location: Menlo Park, CA INanoBio is developing pioneering technologies at the confluence of […]

CMOS Device and Circuit engineer

Job Type: Full-time Location: Menlo Park, CA INanoBio is developing pioneering technologies at the confluence of […]

Post doctoral Fellow: Molecular Biology

Job Type: Full-time Location: Tempe, AZ INanoBio has an opening for postdoctoral researcher with strong experimental […]

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INanoBio’s mission is to develop high-accuracy early stage disease diagnostics using transformative nano-biotechnology platforms and machine learning. Extract systems scale information from complex disease biology, identify and detect disease specific molecular biomarkers, signatures at prodromal or pre-symptomatic stages. We believe most diseases can be detected early, enabling early personalized therapeutic intervention to preempt full development of diseases, ushering in preemptive medicine in two to three decades.