Fully Depleted Exponentially Coupled (FDEC) Field Effect Transistor (FET) nanowire sensors

We have invented an exponential nanosensor technology for chemical and biological sensing applications. This means in our nano sensor devices the detection signal is not diminished like in other sensor technologies, but is internally amplified by our device up to an order of magnitude owing to a unique capacitive coupling we discovered.

This unique nano-scale phenomena results in very high specificity of signal transduction for low false positives and low false negatives. As a result our device is capable of ultra high sensitivity molecular detection coupled with exceptional selectivity. The technology, termed Fully Depleted Exponentially Coupled (FDEC) Field Effect Transistor (FET) nanowire sensors, is superior to other sensor technologies presently available.

We expect our Exponential nanosensor technology to have a disruptive effect in certain niche fields of application, while are prospective of creating new markets in futuristic applications of in vivo implantable devices and in vitro advanced drug discovery applications. Silicon based ULSI nano manufacturing technologies allow us to fabricate ultra compact devices with system-on-chip and lab-on-chip integration, that are also inexpensive compared to other technologies.

We are building a robust intellectual property portfolio (patents awarded & pending) by developing key technologies in-house and in-licensing of complementary technologies from partnering institutions.



Molecular sensing using monolayer floating gate, fully depleted SOI MOSFET acting as an exponential transducer, ACS Nano Feb 23 2010, 4(2): 999-1011

Electrical detection of amine ligation to a metalloporphyrin via a hybrid SOI-MOSFET, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Volume 130, 2008, 2226-2233

Genome sequencing

Low cost genome sequencing is expected to revolutionize healthcare among other aspects of life.

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Healthcare Diagnostics

Nano-bio technology is set to revolutionize our lives in much the same way electronics, ICs, and internet have in the past decades.

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Industrial & Security

FDEC FET nano sensors are currently under development for industrial leak detection applications, where trace gas detection of few parts-per-billion or below is required.

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