Industrial & Security

FDEC FET nano sensors are currently under development for industrial leak detection applications, where trace gas detection of few parts-per-billion or below is required. Applications include detection of low concentrations of gases such as hydrogen, oxygen in integrated fuel cell systems and other process control applications.

Most of the pH sensitive devices available in the market require a reference electrode along with the requirement to recalibrate the device before each use.Using our advanced FET nano sensor technology we can eliminate the need for the above and offer devices in very small form factor that can be integrated into a process reactor in perpetuity. FDEC FET pH sensors find use in laboratory research, industrial process control applications and in food processing industries.

Sensors for liquid phase detection of specific ion concentration in water or other process fluids are being developed. Ion sensors such as these are used by the EPA and local authorities for monitoring water quality. They also find use in in-vivo applications, for example, to detect lead ion concentration in the human brain.

Sensing presence of certain hazardous gases in the atmosphere can be used in security related applications. We are currently developing sensors for detection of trace analytes released from hazardous substances for military and homeland security purposes.

High temperature compatible sensors for trace analyte detection are part of future product development roadmap. These high temperature compatible sensors find applications in auto-engine exhausts, process industry, industry exhaust systems, smoke sensing and space applications.

Our Technology

We have invented an exponential nanosensor technology for chemical and biological sensing applications. This means in our nano sensor devices the detection signal is not diminished like in other sensor technologies, but is internally amplified by our device up to an order of magnitude owing to a unique capacitive coupling we discovered.

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About Us

INanoBio is a nano-biotechnology company based in Tempe Arizona, founded in 2007 to commercialize FDEC FET nano sensor technology invented at Arizona State University.The novel nano sensor technology is capable of exponential capacitive transduction for ultra high sensitivity molecular detection, coupled with exceptional selectivity. Our proprietary technology can be used in sensing of chemical and biological species with very low false positives and false negatives, for applications in health care diagnostics, industrial leak detection systems and security.

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