Genome Sequencing

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we were able to learn in-advance a newborns susceptibility to various diseases, or understand a patients disease state in an extremely close-up and personalized fashion ? Low cost genome sequencing is expected to revolutionize healthcare among other aspects of life.

Sequencing 3 billion bases in a short period of time is an extremely complex task. Various strategies utilize piecemeal sequencing and massively parallel techniques for high throughput readout. Sequencing using nanopores is a promising approach but most often requires development of advanced methods for slowing down the DNA as it translocates through the nanopore. Small read lengths, need for elaborate sample preparation and complex data processing are required, which in-turn add to the cost of sequencing.

We are developing a novel sensor device for high speed genome sequencing in consortium with partnering institutions. Rather than slowing down the DNA as it translocates through a nanopore our strategy is to sequence the DNA at high speed using our FET nano sensor devices. Field effect transistor sensors can have high switching frequencies of up to 1 giga hertz or more, which enables faster signal acquisition with minimal background noise. We expect sensing of individual bases at higher speeds, with larger signal to noise ratios, than when using other strategies.

Our Technology

We have invented an exponential nanosensor technology for chemical and biological sensing applications. This means in our nano sensor devices the detection signal is not diminished like in other sensor technologies, but is internally amplified by our device up to an order of magnitude owing to a unique capacitive coupling we discovered.

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About Us

INanoBio is a nano-biotechnology company based in Tempe Arizona, founded in 2007 to commercialize FDEC FET nano sensor technology invented at Arizona State University.The novel nano sensor technology is capable of exponential capacitive transduction for ultra high sensitivity molecular detection, coupled with exceptional selectivity. Our proprietary technology can be used in sensing of chemical and biological species with very low false positives and false negatives, for applications in health care diagnostics, industrial leak detection systems and security.

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