About Us

INanoBio is an Arizona State University (ASU) spinoff company, based in Tempe, Arizona, founded to commercialize FDEC FET nano sensor technology invented at ASU. The novel nano sensor technology is capable of exponential capacitive transduction for ultra high sensitivity molecular detection, coupled with exceptional selectivity. Our proprietary technology can be used in sensing of chemical and biological species with very low false positives and false negatives, for applications in health care diagnostics, industrial leak detection systems and security.

INanoBio is led by strong team of scientists, managers and eminent advisers. Currently we are adding new members to our team. We have recently been awarded a multiyear federal grant for developing one of our advanced sensor technology platforms.

Leadership Team

Bharath Takulapalli, PhD

Founder & CEO

Bharath Takulapalli has over 13 years of multidisciplinary research experience at the interface of nanotechnology and molecular biology, and is the principal inventor of INanoBio sensor technologies.

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Genome sequencing

Low cost genome sequencing is expected to revolutionize healthcare among other aspects of life.

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Healthcare Diagnostics

Nano-bio technology is set to revolutionize our lives in much the same way electronics, ICs, and internet have in the past decades.

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