Our Technology

We have invented an exponential nanosensor technology for chemical and biological sensing applications, termed FDEC sensor technology. This means in our nano sensor devices the detection signal is not diminished like in other sensor technologies, but sensor device internally amplifies the signal by up-to an order of magnitude owing to a unique capacitive coupling we discovered. This confers high detection sensitivity and high selectivity in gas phase and liquid phase sensing applications. Established silicon IC manufacturing technology allows fabrication of compact and inexpensive sensor devices for a wide range of applications.

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Latest News

INanoBio participates in Nature.com webcast on 'Advances in Precision Medicine and Genomic Sequencing'

INanoBio CEO Bharath Takulapalli to Keynote IEEE VLSI TSA conference in Taiwan

Prof. Chenming Hu, inventor of FinFET or 3D transistor, joins INanoBio Scientific Advisory Board

Former CEO of PCS Health JP Millon joins INanoBio Advisory Board

Genomics pioneer Prof. George Church to chair INanoBio Scientific Advisory Board


Genome sequencing

Low cost genome sequencing is expected to revolutionize healthcare among other aspects of life.

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Healthcare Diagnostics

Nano-bio technology is set to revolutionize our lives in much the same way electronics, ICs, and internet have in the past decades.

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Industrial & Security

FDEC FET nano sensors are currently under development for industrial leak detection applications, where trace gas detection of few parts-per-billion or below is required.

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